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It's Time for an ALBUM!

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is finally OVER! I've been writing songs for several years but struggled to promote and stand behind my work. For so long, I felt my music wasn't good enough, and I was afraid of being judged; but the time has come to share something special I will proudly stand behind until my dying day.

What to expect when listening to the Album

"Daydreaming" consists of 9 songs, totaling roughly 35 minutes. The Album tries to capture the transformation from a foolish coward into a grounded, self-actualized, brave man. The album doesn't expose too much of the individual before the transformation takes place, but we do catch a glimpse on track 2 "Rainfall". We hear the foolish coward take comfort in intoxication and fail to take responsibility for his life. However, later in the song, the transformation begins taking place, as the lyrics begin to shift into realizing that he can do better, but continuing to miscalculate his next steps, hence the "rainfall" winding up back into the storm. The epitome of the foolish coward can be observed in the single "Bombay Sippin" which is our starting point for the transformation.

Aside from track 2, the remaining 8 songs take the perspective of the Grounded Man. In track 1 "Set the Stage" He reconciles with the difficulty of life and his efforts navigating through unknown territory in search of growth and freedom. In track 4 "Chasing Dragons" he embraces his ultimate challenges and stands his ground for who he is, what he wants, and what he believes. In track 6 "Bobby's Song" After finding out that his old friend "Bobby" is not doing well after a phone call at the end of track 5, The Grounded man calls upon his pals (Eli, Nathan, Sol, Kaleb, Kaz) to make a song to cheer up Bobby. In the 9th and final track "Daydreaming" it's not clear if we are listening to the grounded man or the cowardly fool. The song begins with lyrics describing the desire to go outside in search of inspiration. The simple struggle of not knowing what to do has overwhelmed him. He hopes that by having this "daydream" he can find the answers to the future he is looking to build, and more importantly, the present moment at his disposal.

A Message to the Listener

For me, sharing music is an incredibly vulnerable experience. I cannot hide behind the music. It's my words, my story, my life. I am leaving myself open to your interpretation, judgment, love, and criticism. I am proud of what I have accomplished with these 9 songs and finally feel it's worth your time.

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